How to Create Your Own Company

When you want to set up a company in Hong Kong for your own private needs, then you must comply with specific requirements under the Companies Ordinance (COG) for company formation in Hong Kong. When you open a company in this city, there are some necessary steps you need to follow to make sure your company will be legally registered in the future.
When you want to open a company in this city, there are several requirements that you need to comply with if you want to establish a business in Hong Kong through a Private Limited Company, which is also known as a PLC or Limited Liability Company in business. The first step that you need to do is to find out the legal registration requirements for your state and the city you live in it. For example, suppose you want to open a business in the Central Business District in Hong Kong. In that case, you will have to comply with the necessary procedures for company formation Hong Kong, including the application and licensing procedure, and the registration process for your business will be much quicker compared to other regions in the city.
One of the most critical steps of company formation in this city is to prepare all your company’s financial statements so that it can be verified by the public and audited by auditors. Before opening a company, you should also consider setting up a Public Company Register to help you avoid getting a company suspended due to non-compliance to the Companies Ordinance (COG). This way, your company would not be suspended for one or two days but would stay active for an entire year, without any suspension. If you are new to this, then you must start by looking into the Public Company Register before you proceed with other important things such as setting up a Private Limited Company in Hong Kong.
Once your company is set up, you are now ready to move forward with the necessary steps of company formation in Hong Kong. The next step would be the registration of your company, the filing of Articles of Association, and the deposit of its registered office address, which will become the company’s registered office when it is incorporated, and also the signing and filing of the Articles of Association.
The next step of company formation in Hong Kong is to prepare the Memorandum of Association, and the Articles of Association of a Private Limited Company, which would include the complete list of the company’s directors, the members, and the company’s registered office and other essential matters. A qualified member must approve the Memorandum of Association of the company’s management before it can be filed with the Companies Ordinance. {COG. Before you submit the Memorandum and Articles, you should consider the appropriate forms of consent from the director(s) of your company.
When your company’s incorporation is approved, you can now submit your articles of association, which contain the other legal documents and sign and submit them to the Companies Ordinance. This step is often the last part of the procedure of company formation in Hong Kong.
Once you have completed the process of company formation in Hong Kong, you will be able to use the name of your company whenever you wish to do business legally in the city. With company formation in Hong Kong, you also have the option of opening for trade in other countries.


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